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Bars and nightclubs are expecting a mass influx of guests as the Nordic country announces a full reopening of society. More than 90 percent of the adult population is now vaccinated.
September 24, 2021
Amid comprehensive fraud from opponents, Oleg Mikhailov won the vote and will represent his Komi Republic in the Russian Parliament.
September 22, 2021
The far northern Nenets Autonomous Okrug is the Russian region with the lowest support for the United Russia. Independent observers say the State Duma elections were defamed by falsification and foul.
September 20, 2021
Near Murmansk, early voting for military personnel was blocked from prying eyes by a moat. The regional election commission assures everyone that it is legal.
September 15, 2021
A green shift was in the air, but a majority of Norwegians ultimately cast their votes for a center-left coalition headed by Social Democrat Jonas Gahr Støre. The new government will include strong anti-EU forces.
September 14, 2021
Murmansk region on Monday reached the mark of 70,000 cases as the number of new infections remains high.
September 13, 2021
Yevgeny Zinichev lost his life when leading the biggest rescue and emergency exercise ever held in the Russian far north.
September 08, 2021
The Russian Government approves a 3.4 billion rubles (€39 million) loan to fund the construction of the upcoming cultural and business complex New Murmansk.
August 31, 2021
This summer, the number of humpback salmon in the River Teno, the border river between Norway and Finland, has increased enormously from last year. These salmon have been swimming near the shores, with masses of them dying in the river from exhaustion. Local people are extremely worried.
August 23, 2021
Petroglyphs by the White Sea and Lake Onega unanimously obtain UNESCO World Heritage Site title during the 44th UNESCO World Heritage Committee.
August 13, 2021
An explosive fire on board the Tamango embraced the town of Kirkenes in black smoke.
August 09, 2021
Four policemen have defended their rights to care for their children in the European Court of Human Rights.
July 30, 2021
'Compartment No. 6' focuses on a young Finish female student who is forced to share compartment with a young drunk miner on the way north from Moscow towards the Kola Peninsula.
July 24, 2021
Sick wild salmon are found in the rivers Kola and Tuloma on the Kola Peninsula, the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance reports.
July 21, 2021
Life is stagnation in Kovdor, a city that belongs to the oligarch Andrey Melnichenko, who also owns the most capacious yacht in the world
July 13, 2021
During the extraordinary year 2020, Sunna Kitti finished her nearly six-year long project of crafting her graphic novel, Jiehtanasa Iđit (Morning of the Giants). Delayed slightly by studies and work, the North Sámi illustrator’s first full length novel has been welcomed in the community with open arms.
July 07, 2021
While most of the Finnish north is in demographic crisis, Inari struggles to find housing for all its newcomers
June 22, 2021
Arguably the most eye-catching feature at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was the giant King Crab from Murmansk.
June 20, 2021
Oulu is the third city in northern Scandinavia to be designated European Capital of Culture.
June 09, 2021
The goal is to make Norilsk an Arctic powerhouse, clean up the environment and attract new business investments.
May 31, 2021