Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Finnair cancels Murmansk flights due to late spring

With ice on the rivers, the interest in going for fly fishing on the Kola Peninsula is limited.
May 19, 2017

This spring and summer, Finnair has scheduled 25 charter flights directly from Helsinki to Murmansk. The two first flights, on May 13 and May 20, were both cancelled.

The reason? Passengers are game fishermen heading to the Kola Peninsula for some of the best rivers and lakes in northern Europe. Only trouble is the exceptionally long-lasting winter in the north. Ice still covers all lakes and most rivers and the shores are covered in snow. 

«I confirm cancellation of the flight, as the ice has not yet melted in the river, and this is fly fishermen, so the flights are cancelled,» says Liliya Salnikova, airport official in Murmansk to Severpost. Also last Saturday’s flight was cancelled.

Finnair is operating the route with the ATR72 and A319 aircrafts depending on demand. 

Charter flights on the route are scheduled until September 30th.

Ice on the water; no opening for fly fishing at this lake in Norway’s border area to the Kola Peninsula on May 19th. Photo: Thomas Nilsen