The fatal accident happened on the highway west of Zapolyarny towards the Norwegian border. Photo: Procurator's Office Murmansk

Suspected drunk driver crashes with cross-border minibus, leaving five killed

The minibus with Russian citizens on their way home from Norway was hit by a stolen truck Saturday afternoon. This was the second fatal accident along the border road in two days.
September 17, 2023


The suspected drunk driver allegedly stole a truck parked at a gas station in Zapolyarny and drove towards the highway connecting Murmansk with the Norwegian border, the Procurator’s Office in Murmansk reports.

He lost control of the large truck and collided with the minibus driving in the opposite direction.

Four of the passengers were reported dead on site, while a fifth died in hospital, according to the public Vkontakte channel on traffic accidents in Murmansk region. Three others were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity, regional news online Severpost reports.

The accident is the second in two days in the same area near Zapolyarny.

On Thursday, a private car crashed with a concrete mixer truck, leaving the four in the car killed, according to B-Port with reference to the regional branch of Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

Russian minibusses frequently bring passengers from Kirkenes and its airport to Murmansk, a 3-4 hour drive. Photo: Thomas Nilsen




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