Norwegian in the skies above the Arctic Circle. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Norwegian launches direct flights from Munich and London to Rovaniemi

The winter is hardly over before airliners start to announce next seasons flights to the most popular Arctic snow destination.
May 07, 2024


With 24 direct connections from European cities to Rovaniemi, the winter season 2023-2024 saw a growth of seats with 24%, an increase of 40-50,000 compared with 2022-2023.

Next winter can be even more busy for Finland’s largest airport in Lapland.

Norwegian now starts selling tickets for two new direct flights to Rovaniemi. From Munich in Germany and London Gatwick, both starting in December. The latter is already a route operated by EasyJet which also flies to Rovaniemi from London Luton). Ryan Air fly to Rovaniemi from London Stansted.

Another new option for next winter is the Icelandic airline Play which is flying directly from Reykjavik to Rovaniemi in early December 2024.

Other routes for next winter season to the airport that brands itself as Santa Claus’s home include:

  • Paris (Transavia and Air France)
  • Tromsø (Finnair)
  • Barcelona (Vueling)
  • Vienna (Austrian Airlines)
  • Amsterdam (KLM)
  • Düsseldorf and Berlin (Eurowings)
  • Madrid (Iberia)
  • Istanbul (Turkish Airlines)
  • Dublin, Brussels, Liverpool and Milan (Ryan Air)
  • Easy Jet is the airliner with most upcoming flights to Rovaniemi; Manchester, Bristol, Milan, Edinburgh, Paris, Amsterdam and Naples

According to Visit Rovaniemi, tourism generated more than €400 million in income in 2023. Over the next five years, the growth is expected to add another €200 million.





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