Gazprom starts construction of the Ukhta-Torzhok 2.

Gazprom invests billions in new Arctic pipeline

The 970 km long Ukhta-Torzhok 2 pipeline will bring additional 45 billion cubic meters of gas from Yamal to Europe.
октября 28, 2015


In a direct video link between the Komi Republic and the Moscow Kremlin, Gazprom President Aleksey Miller gives the President a vision of Russia’s latest mega gas project.

By year 2019, an additional 45 billion cubic meters of gas per year can be sent from Russia’s Arctic Yamal Peninsula to consumers in the EU.

”The project will provide new jobs and budget revenues for all the regions through which the new pipeline will run, Putin said in the appearance. ”And most importantly”, he added, ”it will give northwest Russian regions access to additional natural gas and increase exports”, the video available at shows.

”Lets start”, Putin ordered, whereupon two experienced welders symbolically connected the first two project pipes.

Not everyone is happy about the new project. As previously reported, three environmental organizations in the region, among them Greenpeace, accuse Gazprom of serious pollution in vulnerable tundra lands. ”The company should not be allowed to build more pipelines before these violations are eliminated”, they write in an open letter.

The Ukhta-Torzhok 2 pipeline will follow the Ukhta-Torzhok 1, which was completed in 2012. It has a capacity of 81,5 billion cubic meters per year.

Main source of gas for the project is the grand Bovanenkovo field with resources estimated to 4,9 trillion cubic meters. The project which was put in production in 2012 will be able to deliver up to 115 billion cubic meters of gas per year.


Gazprom has several more gas projects in Yamal under planning, and also intends to build an east-bound pipeline stretching across the Ob Bay towards the Taimyr.



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