United Russia State Duma hopeful Aleksey Veller together with Severomorsk City Mayor Aleksandr Abramov. Photo: Citysever.ru

In Severomorsk, discontent ahead of elections

Locals in the Navy city say they will boycott the upcoming elections in a sign of protest against local authorities.
сентября 15, 2016


People in Severomorsk are «very dissatisfied» with the situation in local housing services, news site B-Port.ru reports. The company which provides the services, the Severomorskzhilkomkhoz,  is raising tariffs by ten percent every year and has proved itself unable to meet required standards, locals say.

A group people this week assembled outside one of the city blocks and signed a protest letter, which subsequently was sent to the Russian Prosecutors Office, the country’s top housing inspector, as well as regional Governor Marina Kovtun. The letter accuses the local Severomorsk government of supporting the monopoly position of the housing service company, B-port writes.

In a sign of protest, people in Severomorsk will boycott the September 18th elections, the address reads.

Severomorsk hosts the headquarters of the Northern Fleet, Russia’s most powerful Navy force. It is a closed military city with about 50,000 inhabitants.

The 18th September elections include a vote on the federal State Duma, as well as the regional Murmansk Duma.


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