Banner for the Wagner Group in Murmansk region. Photo: local social media

Wagner Group continues recruiting in Murmansk

Despite Yevgeny Prigozhin's attempted coup, his mercenary group has not halted its efforts to draft men in Russian regions.
июня 26, 2023


The group’s recruitment center in Murmansk continues its work, a representative of the center confirms to the Russian version of the Barents Observer. In a telephone conversation, the woman informs that the office is operative and that local men continue to take contact and sign up for service.

Murmansk is not the only region where Prigozhin’s military group continues to operate. A representative of the Wagner Center in the Komi Republic says to the Barents Observer that recruitment continues as before.

Ads for the recruitment center remain online in a big number of local social media pages.

«Recruitment is operational and the center open daily until 6pm,» the man says. He is not afraid of serving the Wagner Group despite the recent failed coup.

«If you are afraid, then better not call us,» he told the journalist.

It is not clear whether the local Wagner centers in the neighboring regions Arkhangelsk and Karelia remain open.

Meanwhile, the group’s main center in St.Petersburg appears to have closed. The VK page of the group is shut down by Russia’s censorship authority Roskomnadzor. «This material is blocked by Roskomnadzor on the basis of a decision of test General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation,» a notice on the page reads.


On the 23rd of June, the FSB filed a criminal case against the Wagner Group following Yevgeny Prigozhin’s calls for the overthrow of the Russian defense establishment. The case was reportedly closed after the group aborted its plans to attack Moscow.

In a speech on the 26th of June, President Vladimir Putin on the one hand accused Progozhin and his group for treason. On the other, he praised Wagner for its war efforts in Ukraine and offered the group fighter either to enroll in the regular Russian Armed Forces, go home to their families or move to Belarus.





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