Aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" is among the most powerful units in the Northern Fleet. Photo: Wikipedia

Northern Fleet between Arctic and Mediterranean

Vessels from Russia’s most powerful Navy fleet will in 2016 focus on the Arctic and the Mediterranean, a top navy representative says.
декабря 02, 2015


Northern Fleet Vice Admiral Nikolay Yevmenov underlines that the Russian Navy next year will continue to expand its activities along the Arctic coast and that the country’s new Arctic Brigade will play the key role.

In the course of Navy expeditions, the Arctic motorized infrantry units will ”enhance their level of traning in new territories”, Yevmenov says to the Russian Navy press service.

At the same time, he highlights that Northern Fleet vessels will continue sailings in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea.

The crews of big anti-submarine ships and landing vessels are already preparing for new missions, the high-ranking navy representative says.

As previously reported, the Northern Fleet is significantly expanding its presence in Arctic waters with the establishment of new and upgraded bases, among them in Franz Josef Land and the New Siberian Islands. In the course of 2015, the Northern Fleet conducted a total of twenty long-range missions, a significant increase from 2014.

The Northern Fleet contitutes the most powerful part of Russia’s Navy. It includes a wide range of submarines and surface vessels, among them the ”Pyotr Veliky” battle cruiser and the ”Admiral Kuznetsov” aircraft carrier. 


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