Arctech Helsinki Shipyard builds the world's firs LNG-powered icebreaker. Photo:

This icebreaker runs on LNG

The vessel, built and designed in Finland, will be able to cut through 1,6 meter thick ice.
июня 08, 2016


The «NB 510 Polaris» will be the world’s first LNG-powered icebreaker. It is the Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, which is in the process of building the 110 meter long and 24 meter wide ship on a contract with the Finnish Transport Agency.

The ship is due to be handed over to the customer in the course of the year, the yard informs. It will be able to move continuously through about 1.6 meter thick ice, and to break a 25 meter wide channel in 1.2 meter thick ice at speed of 6 knots. Icebreaking is the main purpose, but the ship is also able to perform oil spill response operations and emergency towing.

The vessel has been designed according to the zero emission principle, which means that no waste or polluting substance will be discharged in the sea. All solid and liquid waste will be stored on board and unloaded ashore. The double hull arrangement protects all the vital tanks on board. Concept design for the icebreaker has been made by Aker Arctic Technology Inc. and ILS Ltd, the press release from the company reads.

The Arctech Helsinki Shipyard is a leading company in arctic shipbuilding technology, including construction of icebreakers and other arctic offshore and special vessels. The yard has built a long range of new icebreaking vessels, including the 16 MW icebreaker «NB 509 Murmansk» for the Russian Ministry of Transport. Under construction are also three icebreaking stand-by vessels, as well as one icebreaking supply vessel, for Sovcomflot. 

The «NB 510 Polaris» icebreaker is designed by the Aker Arctic Technology Inc. and ILS Ltd. Photo:



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