Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin. Photo:

No pause in Arctic exploration - Igor Sechin

Now Rosneft starts seismic mapping of the Yuzhno-Russky field in the Pechora Sea.
июля 18, 2016


«Of course, we are continuing our exploration of the shelf», Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin says in a recent interview with Russia24. «Wa are currently conducting a huge exploration drilling operation on the Magadan shelf, in the Sea of Okhotsk, and we are preparing for drilling in Katanga [off the coast of Taymyr Peninsula] next year», he adds.

He admits however that several of his company’s planned Arctic well drilling operations are being postponed. The interview is published on Rosneft’s website.

This week, Rosneft informed that it is starting seismic mapping of the Yuzhno-Russky license area. A total of 1,150 km of 2D mapping is to be conducted, which constitutes about ten percent of the total license area, the company informs

The license to the 9,700 square kilometer Yuzhno-Russky fields was obtained by Rosneft in year 2010. The company has a total of eight licenses in the Pechora Sea, and as many as 40 on the whole Russian shelf.

Among the offshore Arctic licenses is the Lisyansky, a license area in the Sea of Okhotsk. In May, a Rosneft subsidiary started drilling in the area. The license is operated in cooperation with Norway’s Statoil and it is the Chinese rig «Nanhai-9» which is doing the



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