Russia's only aircraft-carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" at port in Murmansk. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Russia’s only aircraft carrier starts Barents Sea exercise

“Admiral Kuznetsov” plays war-games with radiotechnical armament, while aircrafts will shoot at imitated aerial targets.
ноября 05, 2015


“During the first phase of the exercise the crew of aircraft carrier will use electronic combat weapons to detect, follow and destruct air targets in different heights and directions,” Northern fleet spokesman Captain Vadim Serga told TASS on Thursday.

Russia’s Ministry of Defence says in an announcement that the exercise is scheduled and will be dived into two. First stage includes radiotechnical armament, while stage two includes Northern fleet aircrafts with live firing at aerial targets in the Barents Sea.

The aircraft carrier was put on sea again from the dock in at Shipyard No. 82 in Roslyakovo in October after being in for repair since May.

Regional news agency Flashnord in October quoted a source in the Northern fleet saying “Admiral Kuznetsov” will sail to the waters outside Syria and take part in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS).

In January 2014, the aircraft carrier sailed the Mediterranean and made port call to Russia’s naval base Tartus in Syria. 

«Admiral Kuznetsov» was laid down in 1982 and launched in December 1985, which means the vessel will celebrate its 30 years anniversary on the water next month.


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