Sport Committee leader Svetlana Naumova welcomes Barents athletes to Murmansk. Photo: Jonas Karlsbakk, the Norwegian Barents Secretariat

Barents Games comes to Murmansk

More than 1000 young athletes from all over the Barents Region will head to Russia’s Arctic capital for the Barents Winter Games 2016.
October 28, 2015

”We are involvíng as many young people as possible across the borders. It should contribute towards breaking down political, cultural and social barriers”, the organizers of the Barents Games write on their website.

”Sharing the spirit” is the slogan of the games, which rotates between the four Barents countries: Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The first games were organized in Tromsø, Norway, in 2014, and then in Oulu, Finland this year.

Next year, the turn comes to Murmansk.

”We are very proud to host such a huge event for athletes in the Barents Region and we also see it as great honour”, Svetlana Naumova from the Murmansk Sport Committee says to, the Norwegian Barents Secretariat website.

”The arenas are ready and when it comes to practical details and sponsors for the event we are half way in the planning”, the sports official adds.

In a meeting with representatives of the Norwegian Barents Sports Committee, Naumova confirmed that her region’s brand new indoor sport arena can be used by as many as 40 different sports.

Next to the arena is the region’s new cross-country ski and biathlon stadion, a facility which meets international standards.


In the upcoming Barents Winter Games, at least 13 sports will be included. The Games will in April 2016.