Russia's embassy in Oslo

Norway expels 15 intelligence officers at Russian Embassy

"They have engaged in activities not compatible with their diplomatic status," says Norwegian Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt.
April 13, 2023


According to the Norwegian government, the expulsion comes as intelligence threats from Russia are reaching an unprecedented level.

“This is an important measure to counter and reduce the extent of Russian intelligence activity in Norway and thus secure our national interests,” Huitfeldt says in a comment.

Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt in Kirkenes, just few kilometers from the Russian border. Photo: Atle Staalesen Atle Staalesen

The Nordic country has never before expelled such a high number of Russians with diplomatic immunity. The intelligence officers work at the embassy under diplomatic cover.

Norway will not allow Russian intelligence officers to operate in Norway under diplomatic cover, the minister underlines.

“Russia poses the biggest intelligence threat to Norway. We look at the situation with concern and now take measures to counter Russian intelligence activity in Norway.”

According to the foreign minister, the Russian intelligence officers have been closely monitored over long time.



The Russian General Consulate in Kirkenes on the day of the expulsion of 15 Russian intelligence officers from Norway. Photo: Thomas Nilsen


In a press conference, Minister Huitfeldt described Russia “unpredictable neighbour.” At the same time, she underlined that Norway wants to continue normal diplomatic cooperation with Russia.

“There is no reason for Russia to react against the expulsion, because Norway has no intelligence officers under diplomatic cover in Russia,” she argued.

The foreign ministry chief believes that the expulsion will make it harder for Russia to engage in intelligence in Norway. “But the threats will not disappear,” she underlined to journalists. 

The expulsion comes on the backdrop of a deteriorated security situation. In April 2022, Norway expelled another three officers.

The move was part of a collective European expulsion of more than 300 Russian diplomats from a big number of countries. Russia subsequently expelled three Norwegian diplomats.

In addition to the embassy in Oslo, Russia has general consulates in Kirkenes, the Norwegian border town, and in Barentsburg at Svalbard. It is not yet clear whether any of the two consulates are affected by the expulsions.



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