LNG carrier on Northern Sea Route. Photo: Teekay.com

LNG tanker loses engine power on Northern Sea Route

The Nikolay Yevgenov damaged one of its three azipods as it made its way through the icy Arctic waters.
January 19, 2021


The 299 meter long carrier was about to complete a historical mid-winter voyage on the Russian Arctic seaway as it damaged the azipod. According to Kommersant, the propulsion unit is likely to have broken down on the 16th of January as the vessel approached the Bering Strait. After having sailed with a speed of about 9 knots all the way from Sabetta, the tanker suddenly slowed down to 3 knots.

The Nikolay Yevgenov departed from Sabetta on the 6th January and sailed through the Northern Sea Route in the wake of the Christophe de Margerie.

It was on the 19th January slowly making its way southwards through the Bering Sea.

The Nikolay Yevgenov on the 19th of January 2021 

The ship was originally expected to arrive in the Chinese port of Jingtang on the 28th January. With only two azipods in operation, that schedule is unlikely to be met.

Little is known about the circumstances and magnitude of the damage. In worst case, the azipod will have to be replaced and the ship placed in a dock for a month. That would mean that Novatek will get significantly less capacity to export its Yamal LNG to the markets.

The Nikolay Yevgenov is only of 15 Arc7 icebreaking carriers that serve the Yamal LNG project. It is owned by Teekay and China LNG Shipments.



The Nikolay Yevgenov. Photo: Teekay




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