Norwegian border pole and flag. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Attempted illegal border crossing

Just a week after two Syrians were detained on the border to Norway, Russian border guards stopped two more.
March 11, 2018


Not since the migrant crisis in autumn 2015 have more third country residents without legal Schengen-visa tried to cross the border to Norway from Russian in the north.

On Sunday, FSB Border Guards informed about two more Syrians arrested while trying to illegally cross the border to Norway, Severpost reports.

“When attempting to illegally cross the state border from the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of Norway, two citizens of the Arabic Republic of Syria, a man born 1988 and a women border in 1997, were detained without valid documents and outside the established checkpoint,” the information from FSB said.

Criminal proceedings are initiated against the two.

This is the ninth time in less than a year that third country citizens are arrested in the border zone while trying to cross over to Norway illegally. The two Syrians taken last week were stopped in the terrain after they had made it through the doubled barbed wired fence, Barents Observer reported. 

So far, no known illegal attempt to cross the border from Russia to Norway over the last year have succeeded. The 196 kilometers land border between the two countries mainly runs through wilderness area.



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