A Russian border pole on display outside Pasvik border station. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

More migrants put pressure on Russian-Norwegian border

Two Syrians got through the barbed wire fence on Friday, but where detained after 200 meters running in the snow.
March 03, 2018


«I was informed that FSB Border Guards had detained two persons with intention to illegally make it to Norway,» says Norway’s Border Commissioner Roger Jakobsen.

The incident on Friday is the eight known attempt when migrants are trying to leave Russia for Norway in the high north in less than a year. Its only two weeks ago since a Tunisian citizen climed throug the barbed wire fence. Also he was stopped before reaching the Norwegian border. 

Difficult to reach from Murmansk central Russia, the numbers of migrants trying to illegally cross are growing. None of the attempts, however, have been successful. The two Syrians arrested on Friday have explained they were heading for a better life, regional news agency Severpost reports with reference to FSB Border Guard. Criminal investigation is started, and the two are now hold in detention centre.

Border Commissioner Jakbsen says he is confident that FSB keeps an good eye on the border in the interest of both countries. 

«I’m very satisfied with the professional job and dialogue with the Russian Commissioner,» Jakobsen says.

Roger Jakobsen is Norwegian Border Commissioner. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Migrants arrested in attempts to cross the border illegally get from five to 18 months in jail and are thereafter sent out of Russia.

In the autumn 2015, some 5,500 migrants where allowed to leave Russia and enter Norway at the Borisoglebsk-Storskog border checkpoints. The so-called “Arctic Migrant Route” ended in late November 2015.


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