Arvidsjaur, Västerbotten county. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Norway lifts travel restrictions for north Swedish region

Västerbotten is now included in the government’s updated travel advice, so people entering Norway from the region will no longer have to home quarantine.
August 06, 2020

The change, in effect from August 8, is the first opening for normal cross-border travel between northern Norway and a north Swedish region since the COVID-19 closure imposed in mid-March.

Restrictions will remain on cross-border travel to Sweden’s northernmost region, Norrbotten, as the COVID-19 situation is still unfavorable, like in the town of Gällivare.

In mid-June, Norway lifted travel restrictions to Finland and Denmark on June 15. 

Norway reimposed quarantine measures on several European countries where travel restrictions were lifted only a few weeks ago. Norwegians are again advised not to travel to France, Monaco, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Also, people from those countries entering Norway will have to quarantine, the government informs

From before, the red-listed countries inside the Schengen area include Belgium, Croatia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Andorra, Romania, Spain, as well as most regions in Sweden.

Travelers from outside the Schengen area are, as a main rule, still denied entry to Norway.

Umeå, the largest city in northern Sweden, is again possible to visit for Norwegians without quarantining upon return.  Photo: Thomas Nilsen