Borisoglebsk border-crossing point. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Border checkpoints with Finland and Norway not on Russia's e-visa list

Nordic citizens can from February 4, 2021, apply online for visa to Russia, but such e-visa will not be approved for entry at any of the land border checkpoints with Finland or Norway.
October 25, 2020


E-visa is supposed to attract more visitors, give a boost to businesses and tourism, and with that contribute to Russia’s economy, according to the governmental order signed in early October by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Citizens from 52 countries can apply online, including citizens from all Nordic and Baltic states. Going online means a much easier application process; cheaper price, no headache of finding a prior invitation and shorter handling time.

What sounded to be easy and good, however, was is now meeting a big obstacle: None of the 11 checkpoints on cross-border roads between Finland and Russia, or the single checkpoint between Norway and Russia, can facilitate e-visa entry or exit.

This according to a list of approved checkpoints for e-visa entry signed by Prime Minister Mishustin on October 23.

The list includes six checkpoints in the Kaliningrad region (to Poland and Lithuania), one in Pskov region (to Latvia) and one in Leningrad region (to Estonia).

If you flying to Russia, though, an entry can be made with e-visa at 14 airports, including Pulkovo in St. Petersburg, Vnukovo, Sheremetevo and Domodedovo in Moscow.

Both St. Petersburg and Vladivostok are on the list of ports that allows for e-visa entry.


The Government writes in a news release that the list will be supplemented later with new checkpoints as they get the necessary equipment to handle entry and exit for foreigners with e-visa.

No timeline for such implementation is mentioned. 



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