Violeta Grudina heads the local Navalny office in Murmansk. Archive photo by Atle Staalesen

Police hunts down supporters of Aleksey Navalny

House searches and interrogations have been made in more than 30 Russian regions. In Murmansk, a sponsor of the local Navalny office spent the whole day in police custody.
October 15, 2019


The Russian Arctic city is one of more than 30 places where law enforcement authorities today took action against Aleksey Navalny’s supporters.

House searches and interrogations started as the Investigative Committee informed that it would continue its investigations of alleged illegal financial operations by the independent opposition politician and his Anti-Corruption Fund.

The police action comes after a similar crackdown on the 12th September.

This time, however, the police did not only take aim at the people working in the local Navalny offices, but also at the sponsors of the opposition activities.

In Murmansk, the police early morning made it into the apartment of Eduard Dombay and his 80 year old mother. Dombay has been instrumental in assisting the local Navalny office after its equipment was confiscated in the 12th September police raid.

The donations made by Dombay was the key issue in the police interrogations, the Murmansk Navalny office informs.


Accorrding to ODV-info, police action was taken also in Arkhangelsk, the other north Russian city. Law enforcement officers came to a local address to get hold of Yuri Chesnokov, an environmental activist and member of the political party Yabloko. However it turned out that Chesnokov no longer resides at the address.


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