Photo: Tiksi Airport,

Port developers outline bright future for Tiksi

It will become a hub for shipments between the Northern Sea Route and the Lena River.
November 10, 2016


Regional authorities say planned investments in the Port of Tiksi will allow it to handle annual goods volumes up 300,000 tons. Also adjacent infrastructure facilities in the Lena River will be upgraded, says Taras Popov, a representative of the Yakutia government.

About three million tons of goods are now annually transported on regional river ways, of which about 400,000 are shipped in the Arctic parts of the region by river-sea class vessels. Up to 100,000 of oil products are taken to the region along the Northern Sea Route, the regional government informs.

Current annual port capacity in Tiksi is estimated to about 67,000 tons. There are nine mooring points, of which eight are for general cargo and one for oil products.

The shipping season in the area is limited to about 90 days, during which goods for regional settlements are unloaded in the port and subsequently sent further by river boat.

Tiksi is located on the shore of the Buor-Khada Gulf of the Laptev Sea, southeast of the Lena River delta. It has about 4,500 inhabitants. The local airport was recently approved for medium-size aircrafts type 737-700 and air companies are now considering the establishment of regular flights to Moscow


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