Tanker "Shturman Albanov" loading oil in Gulf of Ob. Photo: Sovcomflot

First Russian vessel gets Polar Ship Certificate

Sovcomflot’s brand new oil tanker «Shturman Albanov» gets the Arctic shipping license required by the Polar Code.
January 03, 2017


The certificate was awarded by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping on 22nd December. It is the first Russian vessel to the officially get the document, shipowner Sovcomflot informs. The «Shturman Albanov» has top ice protection classification Arc7 and was put on the water by the Korean shipyard Samsung Heavy Industries in March 2016.

It is designed for oil shipping in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Ob and will serve primarily the Novy Port field in Yamal.

The International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code)​ is elaborated by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and aims at significantly enhancing shipping safety in polar waters.

It came into effect on 1 January 2017

The Code and its related amendments cover the full range of design, construction, equipment, operational, training, search and rescue and environmental protection matters relevant to ships operating in the inhospitable waters surrounding the two poles

It includes a number of mandatory measures for shipowners with operations in the Arctic and Antarctic. It also recommends ships not to use or carry heavy fuel oil in the Arctice Arctic.


«This marks an historic milestone in the Organization’s work to protect ships and people aboard them, both seafarers and passengers, in the harsh environment of the waters surrounding the two poles», the IMO informs


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