Together, we can take on the full range of oil, gas and shipping activities, the local Kirkenes companies say.

On Kirkenes waterfront, an alliance of local industry

Leading local companies join forces ahead of an anticipated hike in regional oil, gas and shipping.
August 12, 2016


Cooperation will release considerable synergies and contribute to the delivery and development of cost-efficient solutions for the oil industry and marine businesses, a joint press release from the 13 involved companies reads.

The companies intend to make their local properties and infrastructure available to each other in a joint effort to attract outside clients.

«From this day, we can offer the full range of offshore-related projects in Kirkenes», Arve Henriksen, leader of Henriksen Shipping Service, says. «Our complete maritime base solution can compete with all other alternatives in the region, and will provide Kirkenes with the contracts and jobs needed», he adds.

Together, the companies dispose 50,000 square meters of building facilities and 200,000 m2 of land along the Kirkenes waterfront.

The new alliance comes as Kirkenes is likely to get a key role in activities connected with the upcoming 23rd Licensing Round, an oil and gas advance into new waters in the Barents Sea. The licensing round includes several blocks in areas adjacent to the Norwegian-Russian maritime border, and the first drilling in the area is expected to take place in 2017.

From before, companies Norterminal and ASCO have announced their plans for an oil base in Kirkenes. Those two companies are however not among the 13 companies in the new local alliances.

The alliance includes Henriksen Shipping Service AS, Arctic Dive Sea Service AS, Kirkenes Skipsekspedisjon AS, Norlines AS, Kirkenes Trelast Eiendom AS, Murmansk Ekspressen AS, Coast Center Base AS, Kirkenesbase AS, Kimek AS, Kimek Offshore AS, AS Oscar Sundquist, Kirkenes olje og varme service AS and G Bye



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