Galina Shirshina and her regional Yabloko party is kicked out of local elections in Karelia. Photo: Gleb Yarovoy,

Liberals not allowed to run in Petrozavodsk, court rules

This has been orchestrated by regional Governor Khudilainen, Yabloko leader Galina Shirshina says.
August 31, 2016


A local court in Petrozavodsk, the capital city in Republic of Karelia, has ruled that Yabloko will not be allowed to run in the upcoming regional parliament elections. The ruling comes after the local Rodina Party filed a suit against Yabloko arguing that it had violated election registration procedures. 

Also local prosecutors pushed on the court to cancel the registration of Yabloko, the party informs. The decision will be appealed, Yabloko says.

According to top party candidate Galina Shirshina, the court ruling shows how the regional government is treating the political opposition.

«This is not the court, this is the governor», Shirshina says to 7x7-journal. «He is using his administrative resources to fight the opposition». 

Galina Shirshina was until late 2015 the city mayor of Petrozavodsk. She was pushed out of her job by a decision of the town council. Also then, the regional governor was behind, Shirshina argues.

According the liberal party leader, Governor Aleksandr Khudilainen has been frightened by the strong team of the regional Yabloko.

«I have a very strong list, a very strong team», Shirshina underlines. 


Yabloko is considered an outsider in the city council election due 18th September, the same day as the State Duma vote. The local party election list includes 39 representatives, of which Galina Shirshina is the top name. 

«Yabloko is the only competitor of the United Russia, and consequently the only threat against the governor», the regional politician says to 7x7-journal.

The Yabloko party has in all of Russia more than 28,000 members, 76 regional branches and over 600 local organisations. It has been full member of the Liberal International since 2002. The party slogan is “For Freedom and Justice!”

The party has candidates in the upcoming State Duma elections from most northwest Russian regions, including Murmansk.


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