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Murmansk FSB warns school kids: do not attend meeting with Aleksey Navalny

The FSB and police have a clear message to local youth as presidential hopeful Navalny prepares for his visit to the Arctic city.
September 14, 2017


«How charming - they sent me from Murmansk, the local administration is preparing for my visit to the city», Aleksey Navalny writes on his website and shows a message sent from a local supporter.

According to the message, the school teachers of the local School No 1 have on the request of the local government announced that students who attend tomorrow’s planned visit of opposition politician Aleksey Navalny will have to register on lists which will be submitted to the FSB.

Better not attend this meeting if you are planning to continue your studies in higher government education, the note says.

Navalny is due to arrive in Murmansk on Friday and has planned a public meeting on the downtown Leningradsky Square at 6 pm.

«I am ready to meet with anyone, respond to any kind of question without any kind of preparation or censorship», the presidential candidate says in an announcement made on YouTube.

Since Navalny opened his local Murmansk office in late July this year, treatment from police has been rough.


Less than a week after the office opened seven activists were detained by law enforcement officers when they were distributing campaign newspapers and balloons.

The Navalny office in Murmansk is the 68th of its kind in Russia. Navalny now has three offices in the Russian north; in Syktyvkar, Vorkuta and Petrozavodsk.

The Russian presidential elections are due in March 2018.


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