Arkhangelsk Governor Igor Orlov. Photo: Atle Staalesen

Our youth is exposed to destructive forces, says Arkhangelsk governor after terrorist attack by 17 year old student

The young man who blew himself up inside the local FSB-building was a student at a local technical institute.
November 02, 2018


Three officials from the Arkhangelsk security police were injured when the 17 year old student from the local technical institute entered the building and activated a home-made explosive device. The young man himself lost his life in the blast.

In a comment, regional Governor Igor Orlov makes clear that he sees the attack as a result of youth radicalization.

«The society and we, the adults, must realize that our youth today is subjected to very rough and unscrupulous influence from various forces, for whom people’s lives, families and surroundings are of no interest.»

Orlov says «destructive forces» are to blame.

«Of course, I connect this to the bids by destructive forces to attract the youth and school kids into various action,» the Governor underlines in a statement.

In an interview with radio station Govorit Moskva, Orlov adds that opposition and protest movements must take part of the responsibility.


«We have to understand that there is a process running and that it has a well organized character. Just see how school kids have taken part in protest meetings - not institute students - but school kids!,» the governor underlined. «It deforms their consciousness and inflict a blow to immature minds.»

The young terrorist was a student at a local technical institute. He is described by fellow students as a quiet person with few friends, 7x7-journal reports. He was known to have radical views and had reportedly told classmates about his plans.

Just minutes before the attack, he posted a message at the social media platform of a Russian anarchistic movement.

«I alone take the responsibility for the act of terrorism in the Arkhangelsk FSB building. The reason that pushes me to do the act is the repressive police of the state, suppressive laws, state propaganda and much more.»

He also calls on his likeminded fellows to «directly engage in creating a social revolution and build a society based on free communism.»

The terrorist attack took place just two weeks after another young man shot and killed 18 fellow students in a college in Kerch, southern Russia.

The young man from Arkhangelsk on social media operated under the nickname «Sergey Nechaev». He had previously repeatedly expressed sympathies to European revolutionary movements such as the German Red Army Fraction and the French Action Directe.

The social media nickname is probably taken from Russian revolutionary Sergey Nechaev who in the mid 19th century engaged in political activities in St Petersburg.


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