Photo from the video posted on Telegram channel "Freedom to Olesya Krivtsova"

Arkhangelsk student Olesya Krivtsova cut her electronic tracking bracelet and left Russia

A court ruling in January placed Olesya Krivtsova (20) under house arrest awaiting a trial that could give her 10 years in jail for sharing an anti-war post on social media.
March 16, 2023


On Wednesday, the student from the north Russian city of Arkhangelsk posted a video on Telegram showing her removing the electronic tracking bracelet from her leg, throwing it away and showing a “Freedom” sign.

At the time of posting the video, Krivtsova was already in Lithuania.

“Now, I’m in Lithuania and I can’t believe it’s all over. Thank you for support,” Krivtsova wrote on the Telegram channel created for her support.

She calls on the police investigator in Arkhangelsk “to stop threatening my family.”


The Barents Observer has by phone talked with people in Arkhangelsk confirming Olesya Krivtsova’s departure. How she made it to Lithuania, a 24-hours drive from the north Russian city, is not known.

The 2nd-year student from Northern (Arctic) Federal University in Arkhangelsk was first detained in December last year. Police investigators had then been notified that the young women allegedly had reposted anti-war info on social media. Part of the text was about the explosion at the Crimean bridge.


Olesya Krivtsova was accused of discrediting the Russian Army and justifying terrorism. A guilty verdict in court could give her up to 10 years in prison.

Awaiting trial, she was placed under house arrest and had to wear an electronic tracking bracelet around her leg. She was not allowed to use the internet or other means of communication. On March 10, the house arrest order was prolonged by a judge until May 12.

Earlier this week, the Russian human rights organization Memorial announced that it recognizes Krivtsova as a political prisoner.


Olesya Krivtsova behind bars in the court room last December. Photo courtesy of



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