The "Admiral Nakhimov" will become the Northern Fleet's most powerful vessel when ready in 2018. Photo:

Battlecruiser gets overhaul, regains former power

New equipment and technology is about to be installed in the Northern Fleet’s new-old lethal vessel, the ”Admiral Nakhimov”.
November 02, 2015


According to shipyard Sevmash, the nuclear-powered battlecruiser is about to get the new vital equipment installed. About 1000 men are involved in the operations, the yard informs on its website.

The ship, originally built in 1986, is getting a major upgrade which will make it the most powerful vessel in the Northern Fleet.

When the reconstruction process gets even more intensive, as many as 3000 people will be involved in work, the yard says in a press release. The upgraded ship is to be ready for duty in year 2018.

The ”Admiral Nakhimov” is a Kirov-class (Project 11442M) ship. It has been docked at Sevmash, the shipyard in Severodvinsk, since October 2014. Before that, is was mothballed at Sevmash since 1999.

It is believed that the upgrade of the“Admiral Nakhimov”will make the ship as good as new. Only the hulls and the nuclear reactor will remain unchanged.



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