Launch of Termit cruise missile. Photo: Russian Ministry of Defence,

Shooting cruise missiles from Arctic archipelago

The new military complex at the island of Kotelny shows what it is made of.
September 20, 2016


During this weekend’s military rehearsal, the recently erected Rubezh missile complex fired two Termit cruise missiles at training targets in the nearby sea, the Russian Navy informs.

Firing was also made from Pantsir-S1, a surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon. In addition, destroyer «Vice Admiral Kulakov», now on a visit to the island, fired with its short-range surface-to-air missile system Kinzhal and its artillery complexes AK-100 and AK-630, the Navy press service says.

Also two strategic bombers type Tu-95 and two Tu-142 are reported to have taken part in the drills.

«This once again shows that the Northern Fleet is capable of carrying out assignments to protect the archipelagos and sea coast of the Russian Arctic», Northern Fleet Head Commander Nikolay Yevmenov says. 

At the same time, he underlines that the rehearsal is conducted «in strict coherence with the principles and norms of international law» and that it is «not aimed at any third country with interests in the Arctic Ocean». 

The rehearsal took place as a flotilla of Northern Fleet vessels arrived to the new base located in the Russian east Arctic. The flotilla, headed by destroyer «Vice Admiral Kulakov», includes four vessels and left Northern Fleet headquarter of Severomorsk in late August. Among them is the new weapons transportation ship «Akademik Kovalyov». 

On their way to Kotelny, the Northern Fleet vessels have visited several sites. They have also engaged in drills near industrial facilities in the region, among them the Prirazlomnaya oil platform.


The voyage is the fifth of its kind, the Navy informs. The first Northern Fleet expedition to Kotelny was organized in 2012, and was followed by a bigger operation in 2013 when when battle cruiser «Pyotr Veliky» brought equipment to the base and adjacent Temp airfield. 

Kotelny houses a major new military trefoil and the upgraded Temp airfield.



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