The "Moskva". Photo:

Black Sea destroyer will get upgrade in Russian North

The «Moskva» is up for modernisation and installation of new weaponry at the Zvezdochka yard in Severodvinsk.
February 08, 2017

The ship, the most powerful the Black Sea fleet, is due to set course for northern Russian waters in 2018. It will undergo repair and modernisation at the Zvezdochka, newspaper Izvestia reports.

A contract between the Ministry of Defence and the United Shipbuilding Corporation is now under elaboration, ministry sources say to the newspaper. 

The upgrades of the «Moskva» comes as the Zvezdochka yard is about to complete the modernisation of the «Marshal Ustinov», a same-class vessel which has been docked at the yard since 2011.

The «Moskva» was built in the early 1980s and officially included in the Soviet fleet in 1983. The destroyer, a Project 1164 Slava Class vessel, is one of Russia’s three ships of the kind. The «Varyag» is the flagship of the Pacific Fleet, while the «Marshal Ustinov» will soon return to the Northern Fleet after repairs.

The «Moskva» was original named the «Slava», but got its new name in 1996 as part of a cooperation with city authorities of Moscow. It is based in Sevastopol, the navy base in Crimea.