The new base in Franz Josef Land. Illustration:

Busy building of bases

About 1,000 workers are now building more than 100 military objects in five Russian Arctic archipelagos.
February 03, 2017


All the objects are to be completed in the course of 2017, the Russian Armed Forces inform.

Among them are 30 buildings and facilities on Alexandra Island, the base in Franz Josef Land. A similar number of objects are erected on the island of Wrangle and in Cape Shmidt, the two far eastern bases. 

New technical positions and social infrastructure are under construction also in Rogachevo, the military base on Novaya Zemlya, a press release from the Russian military reads.

Among those objects is the airport of Rogachevo. 

Several more air fields are under upgrade in the country’s Arctic, among them in Nagurskoye, Severomorsk, Vorkuta, Tiksi, Anadyr and Alykel.

About 1,000 workers and 200 pieces of machinery are reported to currently be involved in the construction works. Most of construction is managed by state company Spetsstroy. 


According to the company, the base of Kotelny in the New Siberian Island was ready to be handed over to the Northern Fleet in mid-December 2016. Included in that project is the upgraded Temp airfield and the 12,000 square meter big trefoil-shaped Severny Klever housing and administration complex.

Also the Nagurskoye complex in Franz Josef Land is soon finished, Spetsstroy informs. A total of 43 buildings and objects of military infrastructure are ready to be handed over the military, along with the administrative complex and social facilities. 

The Nagurskoye housing block with accommodation for 150 people is already ready for use. 

In December, up to 800 workers were engage in the construction works alone in Franz Josef Land, Spetsstroy says.



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