Warships of the Russian Northern Fleet. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Combat readiness check for Northern Fleet ahead of Zapad-2017

Over 40 vessels have left port for a series of tactical exercises in the Barents Sea.
August 30, 2017


Among the ships participating are the destroyer «Admiral Ushakov» and the nuclear-powered battle cruiser «Pyotr Velikiy» the press service of the Northern Fleet reports.

The sailings are part of a scheduled combat readiness inspection, said to include «several tactical defensive exercises.»

Main attention will be paid to troops control system of the Northern Fleet, organizations of communications and cooperation between the units while performing assigned tasks.

Additional to the readiness check announced on Tuesday, four warships and three support vessels from the Northern Fleet are currently on exercise voyage along the Northern Sea Route, including a landing on the banks of the Yenisey river near the port of Dudinka.

Earlier, the Navy said the combat readiness drill would include anti-submarine and anti-sabotage activities along with navigational, hydrographical, anti-mine and search and rescue operations.

On Wednesday Russia’s Baltic Fleet also announced a combat readiness check involving 70 combat ships and support vessels, news-agency TASS reports.


«The check is aimed at assessing the possibility to put the navy on full alert, as well as the alert forces’ capability to implement their tasks,» fleet’s spokesman Roman Martov told the news-agency.

Scheduled for September 14-20, a joint Russian-Belarusian strategic military exercise Zapad-2017 will be held in regions from St. Petersburg and south-east of the Baltic States.

Crew on deck of a Russian Kilo-class submarine. Photo: Thomas Nilsen




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