Warships of the Russian Northern Fleet. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Northern Fleet drills submarine hunt in Barents Sea

March 30, 2018


Two of the largest navy vessels based on the Kola Peninsula, “Vice Admiral Kulakov” and “Severomorsk” sailed into the Barents Sea from the Northern Fleet’s main base on Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry informs.

“The crews of the vessels will conduct a joint exercise hunting and tracking of submarines,” the press-information reads. Online newspaper Severpost reports both multi-purpose submarines and a strategic submarine taking part in the exercise.

Three minesweepers from the Kola flotilla are also participating in the drill.Live shootings with both torpedoes and depth charge weapons take place.

Simultaneously, the naval vessels will exercise anti-aircraft defense.

Both Russian and NATO submarines are sailing more frequently in northern waters, including both the Barents- and Norwegian Seas.



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