«Yury Dolgoruky» at the quay in Severodvinsk where missiles are loaded. Photo: Russian Defense Ministry

TASS: Russia drops plan to redesign Borei sub, will build six more of existing

The navy leg of Russia’s nuclear triad will by 2027 consist of three Borei and 11 Borei-A classes ballistic missile submarines.
May 22, 2018


News agency TASS reports on Tuesday that the planned upgraded version of the Borei-A class submarine, named Borei-B, is taken out of the state armament program for 2018-2027.

A Defense industry source says an upgraded version would not be cost efficient. «After the analysis of proposals on building Borei-B nuclear-powered submarines, a decision was made to give them up as the project of building these subs does not meet the cost/efficiency criterion. Instead, the final version of the state armament program through 2027 includes Borei-A submarines.»

In difference with the Borei-A class, the B-class’ conceptual design included a new water jet propulsion system and other onboard equipment.

Today, the navy operates three Borei-class submarines, one sailing for the Northern Fleet and two belongs to the Pacific Fleet. The first Borei-A was launched last November, but is not yet commissioned to the navy. That will likely happen in 2019. Another four of the class are in different phases of construction at the Sevmash yard in Severodvinsk.

With the change of plans, those eight vessels will get six additional siste ships to be built in the period 2023 to 2027. By then, the Northern Fleet’s current six Delta-IV class ballistic missile submarines are at the end of their life-time and will likely be taken out of service.

Both the Borei and the Borei-A carries 16 Bulava missiles bringing the maximum number of deployed Bulava missiles at sea up to 224 by 2027.




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