Video: Russian bombers outside Norway for second time in a week

A pair of Tu-160 strategic bombers made 13-hours flight over the Barents-, Norwegian- and North Seas.
April 04, 2019


The bombers were escorted by MiG-31 fighter jet and the planes made aerial refueling, the Defense Ministry in Moscow informs. The flights happened on Wednesday and the Russian military planes were met by Danish and British fighter jets in international air space.

In the North Sea, the Russian planes turned around and flew north to the Barents Sea and entered Russian airspace outside the Kola Peninsula before returning to the air base. The video shows a Danish F-16 fighter jet scrambled to meet the Russian bombers. 

This is the second time in less than a week Russian Tu-160s are flying outside the coast of Norway. Last Thursday, a similar flight route took place.

US Air Force is currently deploying several B-52 bombers in Great Britian, aircraft flying missions in Europe, both close to the Russian border in the Baltic and up north in the Barents Sea.



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