The shootout happened next to an apartment block not far from the TV mast in Murmansk. Screenshot from video by the Anti-terrorist committee

Alleged ISIS supporter shot dead by FSB in Murmansk

Russia’s National Anti-terrorism Committee says the man was planning to carry out a terrorist attack.
April 04, 2020

An improvised explosive device, weapons and ammunition were found at the site of the shootout, news agency Interfax reports.

The weapons and explosives were ready for use in a planned terrorist attack, the Anti-terrorism Committee informs.

“Tonight, during FSB’s operational-search in Murmansk, the whereabouts of an armed bandit who planned to carry out a terrorist attack was established,” the agency told Interfax.


This is the bomb materials discovered in the room and the bag of the suspected ISIS-supporter. Photo: Press Office of the Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee


When trying to detain the man, a shootout started between him and the special forces. The man was killed.

His identity is established, and according to the law enforcement Anti-terrorism Committee, the man was a supporter of ISIS and was planning to run to the Middle East after committing the terrorist attack.


No further details are given.

News-agency RBK posted a video from the scene showing a dead person next to a pistol and a bag. The location is near the TV-mast in Murmansk. 

News-agency RIA Novosti informs that two other terrorist attacks were prevented by FSB on Friday, in Stavropol region in southern Russia, and in  Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug in Siberia. 

In December last year, FSB arrested another man in Murmansk for preparing a terrorist act near the building of local authorities in Murmansk by using a home-made explosive device. The man, a Russian citizen, was allegedly a supporter of the Right Sector extremist organization.

The Right Sector movement, however, denied any involvement with the person.

FSB headquarters in Murmansk. Photo: Thomas Nilsen