Five Russian diplomats have to pack and leave Stockholm. Photo: Denis Zagore

Stockholm expels five Russian diplomats

“Their activities on our territory have been incompatible with their diplomatic status,” Foreign Minister Tobias Billström said to SVT.
April 25, 2023


Sweden do what Norway did two weeks ago and shows a group of Russian intelligence operatives the door. The five diplomats are not named.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has not yet commented on the announcement by Stockholm but has previously said such cases will be mirrored.

Tobias Billström is Swedish Foreign Minister. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

“Sweden has today informed Russia’s Ambassador Viktor Tatarintsev and informed him that five persons employed with the embassy should leave the country because their activities are incompatible with the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations,” said Tobias Billström in an interview with the Swedish broadcaster.

According to the Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) every third Russian diplomat in the country is working for some of the Russian secret services.

On April 13, Norway informed the Russian Ambassador that 15 of his diplomats in Oslo are unwanted in the country because they were intelligence officers working under diplomatic cover.



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