Norway's northernmost Observation Post on the coast to the Barents Sea. Just down from the Post is Grense Jakobselv, the creek forming the land border between the two countries. The artillery shooting will take place in waters west of Russia's Sredny Peninsula visible here on the horizon. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Russia warns of artillery shooting 5 NM from Norway's Grense Jakobselv

Norwegian soldiers at the observation outpost will have panorama view when the powerful Northern Fleet sets off artillery shooting in the Varanger fjord later this week.
May 29, 2023


Russia has issued warnings to both seafarers and pilots to stay away from waters close to the coast between Pechenga fjord and Grense Jakobselv. At the nearest, the area announced for live shootings is only three to four nautical miles from Norwegian territorial waters and about five nautical miles from the shores where the Russian-Norwegian land border meets the Varanger fjord. 

The Notice to Airmen says airspace is closed from early morning June 1 to 15.00 on June 2. 

A coastal warning (PRIP) issued by Murmansk Sea Port Administration bans navigation in the area for the same period. 

Map by Barents Observer / Google map


It is unclear if the shooting will come from shore or by warships sailing in the area. The Sredny Peninsula is a well-known training area for coastal forces of the Northern Fleet. Pechenga is home to both the 200. Motorized Rifle Brigade and the 61. Naval Infantry Brigade.

Two of the larger warships from Severomorsk left port before the weekend for what the Northern Fleet says is “planned combat training.”

Vice Admiral Kulakov” and “Admiral Levchenko” will train anti-submarine warfare together with both nuclear- and diesel-powered subs, a note from the navy reads. 


Additional to the warning zone a stone’s throw from Norway’s shoreline, two larger areas next to the maritime border are this week closed for air traffic because of Russia’s military activity. One area is just east of the Fishermen Peninsula while the other is just east of the maritime border in the Barents Sea. 


The map shows active Notice to Airmen for the Kola Peninsula and Barents Sea for the week ahead. Source:


In February 2021, the Northern Fleet’s missile cruiser “Marshal Ustinovsailed very close to Norway’s border outside Grense Jakobselv. Two months later, artillery shooting was announced for the same area west of the Sredny Peninsula in the Varanger fjord. 

NATO allies and partner nations have just ended the large exercise Formidable Shield outside Andøya in the Norwegian Sea. From shores and navy vessels, the participants trained on air and missile defense as Russia’s long-range cruise missiles pose a threat to Norway’s military infrastructure in the north and by that transatlantic communications in case of crisis.

On Monday, the Finnish-led fighter jet exercise Arctic Challenge 2023 started with 14 nations participating with about 150 aircraft. The largest part of the training area is inside the Arctic Circle. Also on Monday, the “USS Gerald R. Ford”, the world’s largest aircraft carrier, started to sail north from Oslo and is expected to train with Norway and other NATO allies outside the Lofoten archipelago later this week. 


Crew members on watch from the bridge on board the coast guard vessel “KV Fram”, here sailing a few hundred meters from Norway’s maritime border to Russia. Photo: Thomas Nilsen




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