Warship arrives in Arkhangelsk on propaganda tour

Onboard Northern Fleet’s large landing ship "Ivan Gren" are damaged Ukrainian weaponry and alleged "Nazi literature". The display is part of the “Strength in Truth” propaganda campaign. At the event, residents of Arkhangelsk are invited to sign up to fight in Ukraine.
September 17, 2023


On September 15, the Russian warship “Ivan Gren” arrived in Arkhangelsk. The port call is part of the “Strength in Truth” propaganda campaign organized by the Russian Ministry of Defense. This year, on display onboard, are damaged Ukrainian Armed Forces weaponry and alleged “Nazi literature” allegedly found by Russian troops in Ukraine.

Queue for the excursion. Photo: Mikhail Silantiev


“A traveling exhibition of military trophies is organized as part of the event: damaged armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and two patrol boats, as well as Nazi literature and paraphernalia obtained by Russian fighters during the special military operation,” the Russian Ministry of Defense commented on warship’s tour.

Russia’s Defense Ministry, which initiated the “Strength in Truth” campaign, calls it “agitation and propaganda,” and they are right. Onboard the “Ivan Gren” there are many variants of the letters “Z” and “V”, a large poster with President Putin’s quote, a slogan “For the Motherland”, a sign with the inscription “The victorious word is ours” and other items with propaganda rhetoric employed since the start of the war in Ukraine.


Signboard onboard the “Ivan Gren.” Photo: Galin Martynova’s VKontakte user page


In addition to taking the excursion, residents of Arkhangelsk can sign a contract to fight in Ukraine. A mobile military draft station was set up next to the ship to this end. Judging by the photos, there were no people willing to join the military despite the large number of people who wanted to take the excursion.


Mobile military draft station (in the background). Photo: Mikhail Silantiev


Children from several Arkhangelsk schools and students of NArFU attended the excursion. A ceremony to join the ranks of the Youth Army was held for thirteen children as part of the tour.


NArFU’s volunteers. Photo: Galin Martynova’s VKontakte user page
Photo: Uemskiy Secondary School on Vkontakte


The “Ivan Gren” will stay in Arkhangelsk until September 18 and then sail to Murmansk. The propaganda campaign will end on September 21 at Northern Fleet’s main base in Severomorsk.

This is not the first time the warship makes port call to Arkhangelsk. An almost identical with propaganda slogans and children in military uniform took place in 2022.




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