A CCTV captured the moment when a person throw a bottle of burning liquids at the military commissariat building. Photo courtesy of SHOT via Telegram

Military conscription office attacked with Molotov cocktail

In Russia, Molotov cocktails continue to be thrown at military recruitment offices. This weekend in the town of Suojarvi in Karelia, some 80 km from the border with Finland.
May 13, 2024


The attack happened at 2 a.m. on the night to Monday, Telegram news channel SHOT informs. The channel is well known for publishing inside information and leaks from police officials. 

One person lights the bottle, runs towards the building’s backside and throw the Molotov cocktail over the fence so it hits a window.

The bottle, however did not make it through the window and the attack was first discovered by security guards next morning when they saw the soot on the wall and broken glass on the ground. 

Police has started investigation, but no suspect is yet detained. 

Since the beginning of Russia’s all-out war against Ukraine in 2022, law enforcement agencies have registered more than 220 cases of arson attacks on military registration and enlistment offices and other government facilities, information agency RBC informed in January.

Many of those arrested by police are sentenced to lengthy prison terms, from 8 to 12 years in jail.

The attacks started after Vladimir Putin in September 2022 called for a partial mobilization of soldiers to join the war against Ukraine. Many of the mobilized men and contract soldiers sent to the battlefields are from smaller towns and villages in remote Russia. Soujarvi in Karelia has about 10,000 inhabitants. 





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