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Roman Fyodorov headed the 200th Motorised Rifle Brigade in Pechenga before he recently took over the command of the nearby 61st Naval Infantry Brigade in Sputnik. In late 2023, he was awarded the order Hero of Russia for his participation of the onslaught on Ukraine.
February 15, 2024
A fleet of Tu-95MS strategic bombers had take-off from Olenya Air Base on the Kola Peninsula shortly after midnight. A few hours later, cruise missiles started to cross the skies in Ukraine.
February 15, 2024
Armed with F-35, Merlin and Wildcat helicopters, the carrier will take a lead role in Norway’s large-scale allied winter exercise Nordic Response.
February 13, 2024
Two Tu-95 strategic bombers escorted by Su-35 fighter jets flew west in the Barents Sea over international air space Monday.
February 12, 2024
Norway has not faced such serious threats against its national security in several decades, the country's three main intelligence authorities warn in new reports. Among the key targets of malevolent foreign forces is Norwegian underwater infrastructure.
February 12, 2024
A British Air Force plane was Tuesday flying back-and-forth over the Varanger Fjord a few nautical miles from Norway’s border with Russia. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, however, says to the Barents Observer that there are no plans to change self-imposed restrictions for NATO flights over the East-Finnmark region.
February 08, 2024
Specialized invasion defense soldiers on the border with Russia’s heavily militarised Kola Peninsula are the first in Norway to be armed with the Piorun man-portable air defense system.
February 06, 2024
"The Knyaz Pozharsky embodies the most advanced technological solutions, experience and traditions of domestic submarine shipbuilding," Navy Commander Admiral Nikolai Evmenov said at the launching ceremony in Severodvinsk on Saturday.
February 04, 2024
Andøya, Bardufoss and Setermoen in northern Norway are among the eight new dedicated areas where the United States military could be allowed to build infrastructure to strengthen defense cooperation with the Nordics.
February 02, 2024
The diesel-engined Kronshtadt is designed for destruction of enemy ships and infrastructure, and is likely to serve in the Northern Fleet.
January 31, 2024
The structure established by Josef Stalin to fight "anti-Soviet elements" is today praised by the security agencies in the heavily militarised Murmansk region. Strong forces in Russia call for the resurrection of the notorious service across the whole country.
January 28, 2024
It is unknown how many soldiers from the north Russian region that actually have lost their lives in the war, but a local count now reaches four hundred.
January 17, 2024
Increasingly desperate for more soldiers, the Russian Armed Forces step up efforts to enrol new countrymen in military service. Among the targets of the military recruiters are migrant workers in far northern towns.
January 15, 2024
They are Moscow’s most busy cruise missile platforms in the war of aggression against Ukraine, but the Tu-95 and Tu-160 aircraft still found time to increase the number of flights outside Norwegian air space in 2023.
January 15, 2024
Nordic Response 2024 will be NATO’s biggest Arctic exercise in a generation.
January 14, 2024
Norwegian F-35s, along with personnel, will arrive in Iceland on Monday for airspace surveillance, Iceland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday.
January 14, 2024
Operations under the sea-ice will be one of the top priorities for our submariners in 2024, Russia's Northern Fleet underlines.
January 10, 2024
The Olenya airbase is undoubtedly on the radar of Ukrainian armed forces, says an expert after a wave of bombers from the Kola Peninsula again launched a massive cruise missile attack on Ukraine, the third since Christmas.
January 09, 2024
School No 3 in Alakurtti has opened a special 'memory exhibition' dedicated to former students killed in Ukraine.
January 05, 2024
Two F-16 fighter jets are sent from the North Norwegian airbase of Bodø as part of efforts to educate Ukrainian pilots and Air Force technicians.
January 04, 2024
A big number of bombers again took off from the Olenya air base in the Kola Peninsula to fire missiles on civilian targets in Ukraine.
January 02, 2024
A group of nine Tu-95MS strategic bombers early Friday morning took off from the Olenya air base and few hours later fired its deadly load on civilian targets across Ukraine.
December 29, 2023
Increased focus on the Arctic and North Atlantic will be amongst Copenhagen’s priorities when it takes over chairmanship of the Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) from Sweden on January 1, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.
December 29, 2023
Frigate Admiral Golovko is the most modern surface ship in the Russian Navy. It will serve in the Northern Fleet.
December 28, 2023
The sky over the Norwegian Arctic archipelago was lit up by the military rocket that was launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia.
December 22, 2023