Kirkenes airport. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Wizz Air opens routes to Alta and Kirkenes with tickets from €10

A pint of beer at any of the airport bars in Norway costs more than a ticket for a two-hour flight to the north.
November 19, 2020


Never has northern Norway seen cheaper tickets on direct flight from Oslo. The Hungarian airliner will fly three times a week to Kirkenes and four times a week to Alta. 

Wizz Air’s announcement of new domestic routes to the northern regions comes as Norway, like most countries, are battling the second wave of the pandemic.

Flights from Oslo to Kirkenes starts December 15 and flights to Alta starts December 18. The airliner entered the Norwegian market in early November, including flights to Tromsø in the north.

Now, the prices are even lower than the first announced Oslo-Tromsø flights for €18.

Wizz Air does now have five routes to destinations inside the Arctic Circle; Tromsø, Harstad/Narvik, Bodø, Alta and Kirkenes.

With no luggage, tickets starts at 99 kroner (€9,3), with departure from Oslo in the late morning and return from Alta or Kirkenes in the early afternoon. Online booking-dates are listed until late March 2021 with the same 99 kroner low-cost options. A pint of beer at any of the airport bars in Norway costs more than a ticket for a two-hour flight with Wizz Air.



Photo: Wizz Air


Additional to the five routes to destinations in northern Norway, Wizz Air has also launched routes from Oslo to most major cities in southern Norway.

Head of communication, Andras Rado says in a press statement “we are happy to open another three routes in our constantly expanding focus on the Norwegian domestic market.”

The announcement comes the day after Norwegian Air filed for bankruptcy protection in Ireland. The carrier has been in deep financial trouble for months after passenger income vanished due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Norwegian was operating more than 100 aircraft, but will now fly only six planes on domestic flights within Norway, including to the same destinations as now announced by Wizz Air in the northern part of the country. SAS is also flying to the same airports. 


Norwegian at Kirkenes airport. Photo: Thomas Nilsen




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