The Goliat platform arrived from the yard in South Korea to the waters outside Hammerfest in April 2015. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Barents Goliat oil could be delayed till next year

The €5,3 billion oil rig at the world’s northernmost offshore oil field is still not ready for production, reports NRK.
октября 22, 2015


Production was first set to be 2013, but the huge Goliat floating rig did not arrive the coast of Finnmark before April this year. Now, at the site in the Barents Sea, the rig faces yet another delay.

Production will likely not start before next year, according to a source speaking to NRK Finnmark.

Eni, the operator of the Goliat field, is still waiting for a final permission from the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority.

The cost overruns at Goliat are significant. In 2009, the project was estimated to be around NOK 30 billions, while the price tag by today is NOK 47 billions.

The production output is according to Eni Norway expected to be some 34 million barrels of oil annually. The Goliat field was discovered in 2000.

Eni Norway holds 65 percent of the licence and Statoil the other 35 percent.


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