Screenshot via Murmansk Telegram.

Military enlistment office in Murmansk set on fire

Regional media reports name a 19-year old young man breaking the window, starting fire by igniting flammable stuff on the night to Sunday.
мая 14, 2023


The fire brigade was alarmed at 2 am and an hour later the fire was eliminated. By then, the premises on the ground floor, about 100 square meters, was burned out, the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Murmansk reports on its Vkontakte page.

The post doesn’t identify the office, but says the fire was at Kapitan Burkova Street No. 4. According to Google Street map, that is the address of the Military Commissariat of the Murmansk region. The scene is near the hotel Park Inn in the center of the city. 

Regional news online B-Port has posted a screenshot from a video allegedly filmed by the man himself as he sets fire to the room after pouring some flammable liquid from a canister into the room. The Khibiny news site reports that the 19-year-old was soon detained by local law enforcement and will face criminal prosecution. 

In February, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the window of a military commissariat building in Murmansk, Severpost reported.

Since the full-scale war on Ukraine started in February last year, several tens of attempts to set military registration and enlistment offices across Russia have been recorded. Some of those arrested are charged with terrorism offenses. 


Fire brigade Murmansk. Photo: Thomas Nilsen




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