“We are peaceful people. How are we sponsoring the war?” Russians react to Norway's entry ban for Russian cars.

The Barents Observer spoke to people in a shopping centre parking lot in the border town of Kirkenes, arctic Norway.
октября 01, 2023


Norway is the last European country to enforce a ban on the entry of Russian vehicles with less than 10 seats. 

The entry ban starts on Tuesday, October 3.

“Norway stands together with allies and like-minded countries in response to the brutal war of aggression that Russia is waging against Ukraine. It is crucial that the sanctions are effective in order to prevent income that the Russian state needs to finance the war,” says Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt.

For years, the Norwegian border town of Kirkenes has been a popular shopping destination for those who live on the Russian side. We spoke to Russians who used their last chance to drive to shopping centres in Kirkenes this Saturday, September 30, 2023.

All those The Barents Observer spoke to say that they have been driving to Kirkenes to shop for many years. They say that the main reason to travel to Norway is that some goods are much cheaper here and of a better quality. 

“It’s very sad. It was very sudden. We are peaceful people. How do we sponsor the war?” Galina from Murmansk told The Barents Observer. 

When asked who is to blame for the situation, Sergei from Murmansk said: “That’s a dangerous question. What if they put me now into prison in Russia? You know who is to blame.”


“It’s called rusophobia. It’s humiliating, it’s a mockery and an insult”, Anna from Murmansk said adding that “Anglo-Saxons” are to blame for the situation. 


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