Borey-class "Vladimir Monomakh" moors at Gadzhievo. Photo:

Navy completes upgrade of Kola sub base

The Northern Fleet’s main submarine base at Gadzhievo gets its berths ready for new vessels and its social infrastructure prepared for new crews.
марта 21, 2016


Several new piers have been built and are now ready to facilitate accommodation of new strategic and multipurpose submarines, the Navy informs. The piers are all equipped with modern systems for supply of power and heating for moored vessels. In addition, new security and radiation control mechanisms are in place, a press release reads.

«The use of the facilities […] fully releases the burden off the submarines’ systems and mechanisms when moored in base», the Navy says.

Satellite images from Google Earth show a total of 12 piers in and around the closed navy town. Gadzhievo is located on the western bank of the Kola Bay, not far from the City of Murmansk.

Gadzhievo will house a lion’s share of Russia’s new strategic «Borey»-class and multi-purpose «Yasen»-class subs. According to the Navy, the crews for the latest Borey, the «Knyaz Vladimir» and the Yasen, the «Kazan», are now put together and training is in the pipeline. The two vessels are currently under construction at Sevmash, the naval yard in Severodvinsk.

Last week, the strategic «Vladimir Monomakh» returned to Gadzhievo after comprehensive training in the Barents Sea. The «Vladimir Monomakh» was officially included in the fleet in December 2014 and has since been under testing.

In addition to the Gadzhievo sub infrastructure comes a major upgrade of local housing conditions. A new town  quarter includes eight new housing blocks with as many as 492 new apartments.  

«This is comfortable and modern housing built with advanced technology», the Navy press service informs. So far, three of the new housing blocks have been fully inhabited. A new kindergarten with capacity for 300 children is soon ready, and a cultural center, ice stadium, cinema and swimming pool are under planning.


Strategic sub «Vladimir Monomakh» in Gazhievo. Photo:



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