Tanker picks up oil at Gazprom Neft's "Arctic Gate" terminal in Gulf of Ob. Photo: Gazprom Neft

First million tons of oil from Novy Port

Gazprom Neft’s new Arctic field will over the next two years produce more than ten million tons.
июля 06, 2016


A tanker has picked up another load of oil from the Vorota Arktika (Arctic Gate) terminal in the Gulf of Ob. Project operator Gazprom Neft says oil production in the Novy Port field now exceeds one million tons

More is to come.

In 2018, the company intends to increase annual production to 6,3 million tons. The field infrastructure allows for a total annual out-shipment of 8,5 million tons.

With its 250 million tons of oil and condensate reserves, the Novoportovskoye is one of the biggest oil fields in the Yamal Peninsula. The field is located 30 km from the coast of the Ob bay, and oil is transported by pipeline to Cape Kamenny where a terminal facility has been developed. The existing pipeline has a 600,000 tons capacity per year. That will be increased by 5,5 million tons as soon as a second pipeline is completed. Project operator Gazprom Neft started construction of the pipeline in January this year and the field is planned to be in full production in the course of the year.

The Novy Port field. Photo: Gazprom Neft



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