Brand new large landing ship sails into home port of Severomorsk

The "Pyotr Morgunov" is able to carry up to 36 armored vehicles and 300 marines from Russia's Northern Fleet.
February 02, 2021


The 135 meter long ship in early morning the 1st of February sailed into the Kola Bay and moored on the waterfront of the Northern Fleet headquarters in Severomorsk.

On board was a crew of about 100 men.

The Pyotr Morgunov is the newest vessel in the powerful Russian fleet, and the second large landing ship of Project 11711. It follows its sister ship Ivan Gren that was incorporated in the Northern Fleet in 2018. Both vessels are built at the Yantar yard in Baltiisk.


The Pyotr Morgunov is capable of transporting a big number of troops and vehicles. Photo:


The landing ship is able to carry up to 300 marines, alternatively 13 tanks, 36 armored personnel carriers, or 30 trucks. It can also carry two Ka-29 transport and attack helicopters, alternatively one Ka-52K attack helicopter.

The Pyotr Morgunov and Ivan Gren significantly contribute to an upgrade of the Northern Fleet’s troop transportation capability. From before, the Northern Fleet has the four landing ships Kondopoga, Aleksandr OtrakovskiyGreogiy Pobedonosets and Olenegorskiy Gornyak, all of them built in the period from 1976 to 1985. The latter in late 2019 returned to the North after five years of reconstruction.




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