Guess what Vladimir Putin and the Barents Observer have in common?

October 07, 2023


Today, October 7th is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 71st birthday. That itself is nothing to celebrate.

October 7th is also the birthday (2002) of the Barents Observer. We are 50 years younger than Putin, but substantially more fit for work. 

On such occasions, we need your help to present Putin with a gift to remember, a present he dislikes more than most: Free and independent journalism. For readers inside Russia and globally. 

Over the last 12 months, the Barents Observer has established a strong newsroom for Russian journalists in exile. In Kirkenes, northern Norway.

All four left their country as repression against free and independent voices reached an unprecedented level. 

The Barents Observer is crowdfunding our non-profit newsroom for Russian journalists in exile. We need your support more than ever.

Give your donation here (PayPal or Bank)

From Norway, you can VIPPS to 105792

Cross-border journalism from the north, in English and Russian languages, makes a difference. It is more important than ever to counter lies, propaganda and war. We promise to stay strong on our mission, fighting censorship, in times of unprecedented challenges. Thanks a lot!



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