Orenburzhie airline operates the L-410 propeller. Photo: Orenburzhie airline

Orenburzhie airlines wants to fly Arkhangelsk-Murmansk-Tromsø

Negotiations are initiated to reopen the only flight between Barents Russia and Norway.
October 12, 2016


Official from Murmansk airport confirms talks are going on with Orenburzhie airline on possible flights from Arkhangelsk, via Murmansk to Tromsø, the online newspaper B-Port reports.  

Aleksandr Arkhipov, Head of the Aviation business at Murmansk airport says to B-Port that Orenburzhie airline in November plans to start flights between Arkhangelsk and Murmansk with a small 17-seats propeller.  

«In addition, the airline plans to resume the historic flights from Arkhangelsk-Murmansk-Tromsø. In the near future the airliner will negotiate on the terms of opening this flight. We hope the flights will be opened, if not in the winter season, during a year,» Aleksandr Arkhipov says.

The route was operated for more than 20 years, but closed down in October 2014 after a troubled dispute with Norwegian aviation authorities on the terms of license for the Pskovavia operated An-24 aircrafts. 

The 17-seats A-410 propeller planned for this autumns Arkhangelsk-Murmansk flight is a Czech Republic built aircraft. 

Construction of a new terminal at Murmansk airport is set to start in 2018.

Today, Orenburzhie airline operates flight in southern Russia on routes like Sochi, Stavropol, Krasnodar, Anapa and Crimea.


Nordavia operated flights to Tromsø until October 2014. The route was the only linking Barents-Russia to northern Norway. Photo: Thomas Nilsen



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