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Plenty of gas in Gazprom’s new Arctic field, says minister

Drilling results from the Kruzenshternskoye field in Yamal are very prospective, natural resource Minister Sergey Donskoy reveals in an interview.
August 07, 2017


Nine drill samples from a well in the Kruzenshternskoye field all show presence of gas and gas condensate, Donskoy says in an interview with Interfax.

Minister of Natural Resources Sergey Donskoy. Photo:

«All over are influx of gas and gas condensate», the minister says. The interview is referred by newspaper Vedomosti.

The Kruzenshternskoye license area covers both land and offshore areas. According to Donskoy, Gazprom will now proceed with drilling in the offshore part.

Gazprom in May informed that it was preparing for drilling at the Kruzenshternskoye.

Drilling equipment was delivered to Sabetta, the new sea port on the northeastern tip of the Yamal Peninsula, and from there transported to the drill site. Transportation was made on more than 380 km long winter roads built and maintained on the ice and snow-covered Yamal tundra, the company informed.

The Kruzenshternsky license area is located on the western shore of the peninsula, not far from Bovanenkovo, the huge gas field which has been in production since year 2012. The Kruzenshternsky field holds an estimated 965 billion cubic meters of category C1 gas and is located partly offshore in the Kara Sea. A well was drilled in the license also in 2016.


Gazprom intends to get the field in production in the period 2022-2024 and subsequently produce an annual 33 billion cubic meters of gas from the deposit.

A part of the field development plan is the building of an artificial island from where production can take place. Construction of the island will start «in the very near perspective», Deputy Head of Gazprom Geologorazvedka Nail Giniyatullin said in connection with the erection of field monument on site in 2016.

The development of the Kruzenshternskoye subsequently opens the way for the development also of the nearby Kharasaveysky license.

In addition to the operations at the Kruzenshternskoye Gazprom is in the process of well drilling in the Leningradskoye field, the offshore deposit in the Kara Sea.

The Kruzenshternskoye field is located on the western shore of Yamal Peninsula. Map by



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